Zoology is a worldwide field of study that all animal lovers can relate to. Martin Buber once said, “an animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language,” and because of the studies conducted by zoology professionals, the rest of the world is allowed to enjoy the wonders of the animal kingdom. Whether zoologists are studying unknown species, invertebrates, or conservation for prevention of extinction; there is never a dull moment in the world of zoology. After researching the many zoology, zoo, and wildlife park blogs, we have narrowed down the 45 best out there. These bloggers are well-trained and well-read in this field, and they certainly know their stuff. Check out these blogs for the latest information in the world of zoology!

Zoologists: These blogs are written by and for zoologists. These experts know their stuff, so be sure to check them out!

1. Tetrapod Zoology - Tetrapod Zoology is a great blog written by esteemed writer and palaezoologist, Darren Naish. With a devout following, and a published book of these posts, Darren covers everything from giraffes to dinosaurs. An avid poster, so definitely worth a look for the variety of topics covered.

2. Bonobo Handshake - Bonobo Handshake is written by Vanessa Woods, as a memoir of her time in the Congo. She went to the Congo to study extremely endangered bonobo apes, “who teach her a new truth about love and belonging.” An interesting tidbit, we share 98.7% of our DNA with the bonobo ape.

3. WA Zoologist - WA Zoologist is an exceptional blog written by Richard King, all the way from Western Australia. Richard is there to conduct fauna surveys and animal relocations. While this blog covers all topics, it shines with its vivid imagery alongside each post. Enjoy!

4. The Z Blog - The Zoologist’s Blog is a heartfelt blog that expresses the sentiments and lessons learned of an eager zoologist. Covering topics from evolution to homo sapiens, this blogger has a lot to teach!

5. IASZoology - IAS Zoology is a website for any student studying Zoology. If you are in need of zoology help (that is ideas, research, articles, public forums), the categories on this site are endless. A genius created this for all the students out there who are looking for a great resource!

6. Rory Wilson - National Geographic has a great feature post on a Zoologist in Wales, Rory Wilson. Wilson has spent three decades inventing dozens of devices to monitor the behavior of birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals. His latest adventures in studying animal behavior is what he calls a “daily diary,” that tracks a animal’s everyday habits and routines. Interesting stuff!

7. The Lord Geekington - The Lord Geekington is an insightful blog written by Cameron McCormick. While the site itself uses pretty scientific terminology, Cameron has written it so that any newfound zoologist can understand!

8. Zooillogix - Zooillogix is an informative yet wonderfully humorous blog written by brothers, Andrew and Benny Bleima. Covering everything from life science to the humanities, these zoology lovers have got you covered.

9. Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology - The Museum of Comparative Zoology has a great blog that keeps visitors (on the web and in person!) coming back for more. Harvard people clearly know their stuff, so this museum is comprised of the best of the best. World reknown researchers contribute to all of the articles and artifacts at the museum and on the blog.

10. Still on the Track - Cryptozoology Online is a site devoted to cryptology. These enthusiastic writers are often caught chasing unknown animals, and therefore started a daily magazine devoted to cryptozoology. Enjoy!

11. EAMCET Zoology - EAMCET Zoology is blogged by Murali Krishna, a professor of Zoology. While this is not completely directed at the class, this is a way for anyone on the internet to get a peek into the world of zoology!

12. Invertebrate Zoology - Invertebrate Zoo is written by a PhD educated blogger, Helen Hess. She teaches a variety of biology courses, but prefers to teach about invertebrates!

Zoo Blogs These city zoo blogs are all outstanding and will definitely keep you up to date with all the latest happenings at the zoos! Be sure to tune in when new animals are born!

1. The San Diego Zoo - the San Diego is known as America’s greatest, and continues to reign with this title. Years of continuous awards will keep this zoo and its blog at the top. If you’re in San Diego, check out the blog before you visit the zoo, so that you can be up to date on every animal’s status!

2. The Houston Zoo - The Houston Zoo has risen up the ranks when it comes to one of America’s best zoos. There are many blogs within this blog, and the list continues to grow with the addition of every animal. Each post is accompanied with great photos and videos of animals and zoo visitors!

3. The Edinburgh Zoo - The Edinburgh Zoo blog keeps you up to date on the latest happenings and viewings at the zoo. They have a conservation section and a section for special attractions that keeps this zoo with devout returning visitors.

4. The Sacramento Zoo - The Sacramento Zoo blog will have any zoo-lover booking their flight to Sacramento. With the perfect weather for many zoo animals, this zoo provides an atmosphere that creates for the whole family. Updated often, you are never unaware of what the animals are doing!

5. Cincinnati Zoo - The Cincinnati Zoo is a great zoo with a great staff. There are plenty of videos on this blog that will make any person want to work with animals! Check out the 2010 recap and their special section devoted to King Penguins, laughs all around!.

6. Zoo Peeps - Zoo Peeps is a place for all Zoo and Aquarium professionals to meet up, discuss, and exchange knowledge. While most of us are used to working with humans every day, these pros need a place to unwind and relate to each other. A great site for any animal lover to dive on in!

7. Sriracha Tiger Zoo - This special feature post from Thai-Blogs is all about the Tiger Zoo. Sriracha has a zoo dedicated to tigers (200 Bengals, and some other animals as well), and is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area!

8. Kansas City Zoo - The Kansas City Zoo has a fun blog that makes zoo and animal education fun. Known for their school programs, The KC Zoo encourages zoo and wildlife in the schools. For this, you can find a staff member with live animals at many of the area schools .

9. Oklahoma City Zoo - The Oklahoma City Zoo has a devout following and an excellent blog to attract visitors. You can tell that this zoo is passionate about it’s animal care, and encourage many education programs for kids (and adults too!).

10. The LA Zoo - The Los Angeles Zoo is home to a beautifully, mild climate that is sure to attract any visitor. While LA may be shadowed by the entertainment biz, this zoo is surely not to be missed! Be sure to check out this site’s special Asian Elephant section.

11. Zooborns - Zooborns is what you’ve been waiting for. A site purely devoted to the latest little animals born all over the world. With wonderful photos to display these amazing baby creatures, you’ll feel like you were there for the birth. Really, is there anything cuter than a baby animal?

12. Australian Zoos - The land down under is known for having all sorts of wildlife, and for this there are many zoos and wildlife parks that people can visit. As conservation is important, these Aussie bloggers do a great job keeping us informed of the latest ventures at each spot. With an array of blogs to choose from, you will not run out of sites to look at!

13. The Belize Zoo Blog - The Belize Zoo Blog, known as the “the best little zoo in the world,” has occasional cute stories and posts of what is going in at the zoo. Authored by Sharon Matola, Founder and Director of The Belize Zoo, Tom Pasquarello of SUNY Cortland, and Nancy Kennedy of the Friends of the Belize Zoo, this small but strong blog is a winner!

Wildlife These two wildlife parks maintained their great blogs very well. Differing from a a zoo, these two blogs deserved their own category!

1. Dade City - Dade City’s Wild Things is a Floridian wildlife park that is up to date on all the latest birth announcements. The photos on this blog wil have you ooh-ing and ahh-ing in no time. This wildlife park has a great reputation, and the blog is worth visiting if you’re in the area!

2. The Frog Blog - Fota Wildlife Park’s Frog Blog keeps all avid readers up to date on the latest and greatest from the park. Recently, there was a Red Panda born, which always receives world recognition. Primarily a school’s site for promoting science education, this site does a good job of getting the kids involved in a fun way!

Zoology Posts: These stand-out posts are all zoology related, but come from an array of sources. From primate studies to scientific research blogs, these interesting posts will keep you entertained.

1. Earth Touch - Earth Touch has done a good job featuring an article on a zoologist in the workplace (regarding creepy crawlers!) A humorous post, this zoologist will make you think twice about throwing a millipede at someone!

2. Balfour Library - The Balfour Library, of Cambridge University, maintains an exquisite blog for all things zoology Run by the Department of Zoology, this blog is written by professionals and has a plethora of e-resources for all those willing to learn.

3. Centre for Fortean Zoology Australia - CFZA Australia is a great blog written as part of the non-profit UK based Centre for Fortean Zoology Australia. Investigating “mystery animals,” these naturalists, authors, photographers, and academics all have a strong interest in zoology.

4. Michael Tuma - Michael’s Zoology Information Site is a good site that follows conservations, nest monitoring, and habitat restoration. Michael also encourages others to start a career in zoology, and provides information on how to do so.

5. Zimbio - Zimbio is not zoology specific, but a resource for any zoologist or wildlife enthusiast. A great engine for ways to see the latest information regarding zoology. This site also has a bonus of pictures and videos.

6. Whogivesamonkeys - A top-notch, well-written blog by Asha Tanna, a UK celeb and esteemed journalist. This blog focuses on many relevant, worldly issues that are affecting every part of wildlife. This “UrbanPrimate” discusses many current issues going on around the world, from legislation to the oil companies’ latest initiatives. A special bonus of beautiful images for each post.

7. Primatology - Primatology is dedicated to the study of primates, and Primatology.net is a blog run by a group of volunteers interested in the research, preservation, and conservation of primates. With multiple contributors, this blog excels with variety, professional writing, and timely tweet updates!

8. Molecular Station - Molecular Station’s Zoology Forum is a great place for zoologists, students, professors, or just curious civilians, to interact and share their latest zoological news. Everyday there are many questions asked, so tune in to see if you can help out, or pose a question of your own! Very helpful for those who cannot seem to find the answer!

Science!: These general science blogs have provided an array of information, all pertaining to zoology. Check out these blogs for some science fun!

1. The Mystery of Wild Nature - The Mystery of Wild Nature is written by Emil Zafirov and covers everything from endangered species to Darwinism. Extremely well-written and well-thought out, this blog deserves your time.

2. The Sticky Tongue - The Sticky Tongue is a diverse blog that expands upon herpetology, zoology and wildlife conservation news. Encouraging and thoughtful, this blog is worth a browse from anyone who is curious about the animal kingdom.

3. The Other 95% - The Other 95% is a “an appreciation of the underappreciated majority of life,” invertebrates. A self-proclaimed spineless biologist, Kevin opens our eyes to a world we often overlook. Good stuff!

4. Laelaps - Laelaps is a science blog for Wired, written by freelance science writer, Brian Switek. A dinosaur lover, he also blogs at the Smithsonian’s Dinosaur Tracking.

5. Invaders Beware - Invaders beware is a magnificent site about conservation research. Passionate about the cause, CJA Bradshaw goes a step deeper with biodiversity, and blogs about the latest scientific breakthroughs.

6. Animal World - Animal World’s newsletter and forum reports in any and everything from the land to the sea. Specializing in pet care, you are sure to find what you are looking for on this site. Aside from pets, you can learn new things about exotic animals as well!

7. SciBlogs - SciBlogs covers everything science, but has a special section devoted to zoology. A New Zealander’s POV, this author gives a great roundup of a “miscellany of science.” Check it out!

8. Amphidrome - Amphidrome has a great blogroll and is part of the Nature Blog Network. This particular post focuses on USOs (unidentified swimming objects), and has an array of pictures attached. Enjoy this exploration!

9. Chem Heritage - The Chemical Heritage Foundation is a cluster of all things science. Comprised of a museum, center for scholars, and a library, they’ve got all the research a zoologist needs covered. Their recognized research center has an exceptional zoology section, that spans from new species to zoo-living.

10. The Scientific Life - The Scientific Life is a branch of scientopia, and the biology section has an outstanding part dedicated to zoology. Through all those layers you will find many posts dedicated to observation and conservation.