Although biology was not my favorite subject at school, I still loved zoology – the study of the human body and animal science fascinated me. And even though I went on to major in the arts, the animal kingdom beckons me every now and then. This is why I collect facts and trivia that not many people know, and today, I’m going to share a few of them with you:

  • The giraffe reveals its secret to being tall and thin: Do you know why the giraffe is blessed with a lithe and lissome body? It’s so tall and skinny that any woman would give an eyetooth to look as elegant and slim. Well, maybe the secret is because this unique animal can survive for long periods of time without water. But all jokes aside, the giraffe really can go without water for longer than the camel, the animal we all know as the ship of the desert.
  • Drunken sex gets you pregnant even in the animal kingdom: How often have we heard of dumb blondes (or their brunette and redhead equivalents) being knocked up after a night of drunken sex? Well, apparently the bee and the flower are not exempt from this practice too – bees get drunk on orchid nectar, become disoriented and confused, and then drop the pollen on the flower to pollinate it.
  • Kangaroos could teach us a thing or two about efficient back up measures: We’ve all been in a position where we’ve rued not making adequate copies of our data and important information after we’ve lost or inadvertently destroyed the only copy we had. Maybe we should learn a thing or two from the kangaroo – this jumpy beast from Down Under keeps a backup of her embryo when she’s pregnant. The first baby is in the pouch and the embryo is on standby. And if the first joey (baby kangaroo) should die, the embryo steps in to take its place.
  • Meet the holy man of the animal kingdom: If you’ve ever seen a holy man meditating, you would have noticed that they stay motionless in one position for days together. Well, there’s an reptile that can do just the same; meet the tuatara from New Zealand – it has the lowest body temperature among reptiles, can sit motionless for days at a time, and can hold its breath for an hour or so. Besides, it can live for more than a 100 years and is born with a third eye in the middle of its head (which disappears as it grows older), so any wonder that it reminds you of Hindu rishis who were known to live long, have mythical third eyes, and be able to stop breathing for hours together?
  • Alcohol is a killer of killers: And finally, if you’re terrified of scorpions, there’s a way to get rid of them – just pour a small amount of alcohol on one and it goes crazy enough to sting itself to death. It’s sad no doubt, but rather the scorpion than you as the victim.