With rises in both human and pet obesity, the obvious answer is exercise. But don’t feel as if you have to double up on an exercise program for you and another for each pet you may have. There are many exercises that can be done in tangent and be made loads more fun as a result.

But for those who don’t know what or how, just getting started can seem like an impossibility. And worse yet, there can be many wrong ways to start and few ways of learning about them. To help out, we have collected below the top 15 exercises for you and your dog that are chock full of tips, guides, and more to make the most out of any exercise from a simple walk to a fun game for everyone.


Get a Dog

      Tara Parker Pope of “The New York Times”examines why a dog could be the best piece of exercise equipment you ever had. Noting that both they and people need to be walked, the topic is discussed in great detail. Various studies and experts also weigh in on the topic.

2. Partner Up
Because it can be difficult to get off the couch and go for a walk, grab a partner who truly takes their walking seriously. With everything from your health to the state of the carpet at stake, a walk can mean far more and be far less stressful when done with a four legged buddy. Sports Geezer also includes studies that agreed with this.

3. Tips for Running With Your Dog
Christine Luff is a runner and expert for it at About.com. In this particular blog entry, she details how dogs can make great companions. Tips include which dogs to run with, how to ease them into it, and more.

4. Jogging and Other Aerobic Exercising With Dogs
Paw Rescue helps team animals in need with owners looking for pets. In this section, they discuss how jogging and other forms of exercise can be done with a dog. Tips such as breeds, warming up, and overexertion are all shared.

5. 10 Races to Run With Your Dog
If you and your dog are experts in running together, why not enter a race together? The bloggers at Active.com list ten races that are both people and pet friendly. You can also find other useful tools on the site.

6. Exercising Your Dog
Anthony Olszewki of Petcraft shares a guide on why and how to exercise with your dog. There are loads of tips to consider before you start, such as leash issues and how to lead. He even includes thoughts on how to care for the active dog.

7. Dog Exercises
While we all know that there are specific exercises people can do for trouble areas, what about pets? Jen Green is a teacher and author of the Black Dog Blog. In this entry, she shares exercises that are good for dogs such as walking backwards, standing, and more.

8. How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?
Because every dog and person is different, it is important to know how much each needs before diving into a program. The Three Dog Blogger shares how much exercise dogs need and even how to tell when they have had enough. There are also loads of other dog related entries to choose from.

9. The Importance of Exercise
We all know that exercise can help treat diabetes in humans, but what about pets? Jeff Mendelsohn and his dog Bender are fighting the diabetic fight and share how in the blog. This particular post shared how a run helped out Bender’s glucose levels.

10. Advanced Dog Training Exercises
LJ has two dogs and cat, and they are the three reasons for the blog. However, it is this blog entry on advanced dog training exercises that is of note. LJ answers a reader’s question on agility training and dogs that is a good read2352740598_cd8b178340_n for anyone looking to exercise with their pet.

11. Managing the Exercise Needs of Your Older and Younger Dogs
A group of bloggers meet here at the All Dog Blog, including many experts. A reader of the blog sent in a question on how to manage exercise by age to one of the expert trainers, and it is answered here. You can also get many entries from dog trainers, vets, and more.

12. Natural Exercise
The authors at this blog believe in natural pet health care, foods, and holistic supplies. However, in their blog they also take on the topic of natural exercise for pets. Visit here to get all the posts tagged as such.

13. New Year’s Resolution
We all make them and break them, but it doesn’t have to be New Year Resolution time to make a plan for you and your pet to take up exercise. The bloggers at Petlane focus on enhancing the lives of pets and their people through the site and blog. In this section, they share easy start-up tips for making an exercise plan.

14. Dog and Kids Exercise
If you have both pets and kids, click here. Dr. Marty Becker is a popular and national contributor and has been labeled “America’ Veterinarian.” In this blog post, he includes tips and ways that the whole family can exercise 388999285_5ed4b64984_ntogether.

15. Dogs Who Sniff Cancer
If the above exercises are done in whole or part to prevent cancer, check out this blog entry. Piper is a dog from Kansas City whose owner commonly writes about pooches. He reports on the ability of a dog to smell out all sorts of things and includes the implications it can have on cancer detection.

Bonus! Fetch: Although more of an exercise for the pet than the person, a good game of fetch can be enjoyed by both. This guide from The Review Dog shows you just how in addition to having loads of items for dog owners.