Walking the dog is not simple task if you work a full-time job and have kids to tend to. Still, it’s something that has to be done to keep Fido in tip-top shape. Just like you, your dog needs daily exercise. While it’s easy to throw the dog out in the yard to tire himself out, studies show it’s beneficial for the dog (and walker) to go out for a real walk on a daily basis. Read on for a list of the top dog walking blogs that will show you how to do it right.

  1. Walk For Dogs This blog regularly posts studies on why walking your dog is good for you and also explores topics like showing kids how to properly walk a dog. It also talks about topics rarely touched on such as the effect daylight savings has on our pets.
  2. Diary of a Dog Walker This blog is penned by a professional dog walker and pet sitter. At the moment, they’re completely booked up so it’s obvious they have some ace tips to share on caring for your pets. The writer covers topics like vaccines and leash selection, making this blog a must-read for those who are around dogs regularly.
  3. The Other End of the Leash This amazing blog goes beyond basic dog walking tips. It’s a blog that explores the inspiring relationship between humans and their dogs. It talks about training your dog, connecting with your pet and what to take into consideration when your dog is acting out for no apparent reason.
  4. A Dog Named Fred If you adopt an adolescent or adult dog, training and walking can be far more difficult than with a young pup. This blog chronicles one woman’s journey to do exactly that. Read about her struggles and eventual success that come from reaching out to a dog who thinks he already knows it all.
  5. NYC Dog Blog Downtown Pet This blog is all about pups in New York City See the cutest images of doggies, plus where they reside on this site. The blogger is an avid dog lover and snaps pictures of dogs out and about in the city. There are also blog posts on starting your own pet care business and how to handle clients, liabilities and more.
  6. Dog Zanny This is practically the definitive source for dog walking tips on the web. This writer has several books on dogs and slices into many topics forgotten by other pet blogs out there. He also posts food recall lists as they’re released so you can be sure you’re never feeding your pet poor quality food.
  7. That Mutt This is an awesome blog for those who have their first dog and are learning the ropes of dog walking. It’s also a great read for those who live in a high traffic area and need tips on how to keep their dog safe while on daily walks. The blogger has a fantastic writing style that’s concise and informative.
  8. One Dog Story Animal lovers will adore this blog about a pup who was on the brink of death and came back to life with the help of a very dedicated owner. This site delves into what to feed your dog, how to keep it physically fit and what to look for in terms of physical ailments. The writer is an animal chiropractor with plenty of tips to share with readers.
  9. Manhattan/NYC Dog Walkers Learn how to take care of your dog when you’re walking in a busy area, as well as clever tricks for keeping your dog well and warm during less than stellar weather. There are also a few recipes of homemade items you can whip up for an especially well-behaved dog.
  10. See Spot Run Charlotte This blog chronicles the exploits of a professional pet sitter. It’s about cats and dogs and offers great advice for caring for pets that aren’t your own. It takes getting used to animals you aren’t around daily and this pet blog is a must-read for those who want to make a living at taking care of others’ animals.

It looks like even blogs have gone to the dogs These dog walking blogs will show you how to care for and connect with your pet as you take a daily walk. For those who are owning a dog for the first time, these blogs are an essential read so you understand how important walking your dog is. A restless dog is sure to misbehave, so be sure to get out to keep your dog active and happy.