Remember the character Doctor Mephisto from “South Park” who does such useful things with animals as combine them with a block of cheese? No longer the stuff of science fiction or potty humor, transgenic animals are a reality. With uses for everything from food to medicine, these genetically modified species have as many proposed uses as they do controversy surrounding them. Unforeseen repercussions, the accusation of playing god, and much more are linked with the practice of breeding or cloning them.

To help make sense of it all, we have gathered 25 great articles and blogs about transgenic animals. Whether looking to learn more or just get more information on the basics, they have loads on the latest in transgenic animals.

Great Blogs About Transgenic Animals

These blogs are wholly or partially devoted to the subject of transgenic animals.

    1. The Center for Food Safety : They work to protect human health and the environment by curbing the proliferation of harmful food production technologies and by promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture. Categories on the blog range on everything from cloning to sewage sludge. You can also get a shopper’s guide and view the other members of the True Food Network. They recently just launched a new mobile app for those who want to learn more.

    2. Civil Eats : This organization promotes critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems as part of building economically and socially just communities. Sections of the blog include technology, eating culture, food policy, and much more. There are also several sub-blogs to choose from.

    3. Transgenic Fly Virtual Lab : Think the science of transgenic animals is over your head? Then stop by this virtual laboratory from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The purpose is to familiarize visitors with the science and technique for making transgenic flies. Virtual steps involve preparing DNA, fly embryos, injection, breeding, selection, and light output.

    4. International Society for Transgenic Technologies : See how the ISTT is using transgenic science to further many areas of study here. The latest news is featured on their homepage and current topics include latest developments and symposiums. They also have other resources available online.

    5. Issues in Biotechnology : is a site that examines issues including education, developments, and more. Topics to choose from include biodiversity, environment, genomics, and evolution. Regular articles are contributed and sponsored by the American Institute of Biological Sciences. Be sure not to miss the entry on “Transgenic Animals: Their Benefits to Human Welfare.”

    6. Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development : The OECD brings together countries to support economic growth, raise living standards, and assist other countries in financial development. With biotechnology at the forefront of their mission, they have been working on the topic for over 25 years. Read the latest news in the area with a visit here.

    7. GM Organisms : New Scientist is a magazine and website devoted to scientific study. In this series of articles, you can read all about genetically modified organisms and transgenic animals. They offer an introduction, as well as the latest headlines. Videos are also included.

    8. Genetic Modification News : Science Daily brings the latest research news to one place, with the site updated several times an hour. They have a special section for genetic modification and already have over 600 stories on it in their archives. The newest revolve around salamanders, DNA analysis, and a popular tree protein.

    9. Biotechnololgy : Scientific American is famous for such offerings as 60 Second Science, as well as other podcasts and blogs. They also keep on top of the latest developments in biotechnology and report on all of it here. Podcast entries are currently on arctic genes and the brain, while popular written entries on the subject revolve around researching protein folding and Ebola virus genes.

Great Articles About Transgenic Animals

The below articles teach even more about transgenic animals as well as offer a few opinions.

    10. Top 10 Eccentric Transgenic Animals : Get a look at the transgenic animals we may be introduced to in the upcoming years from the Discovery Channel. They look at animals that can glow, make silk, and more. Hint: the very first will have you thinking of the horse from “The Wizard of Oz.”

    11. Tasty Transgenics : In an entry from The Scientist, they take a look at how transgenic animals can be used to increase the food supply while decreasing prices. Several projects including transgenic pigs and salmon are reviewed. They even link to other useful articles such as big fish, mutant cows, and flu-resistant birds.

    12. Monsato Co. vs. Geerston Seed Farms : This is one of the first cases in the United States Supreme Court to involve transgenic food. The case involved a genetically modified alfalfa crop and its impact on the environment. In addition to SCOTUS, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other agencies weighed in on the decision. The justices would vote seven to one with Justice Stevens dissenting and Justice Breyer not participating. There is also a link to the oral argument.

    13. Transgenic Animals : This online article was published in 2009. It contains many hypotheses on the uses and current practices regarding transgenic animals. Different methods of development are discussed, along with the use of transgenic science in sheep, chickens, pigs, and primates.

    14. Transgenic Animals FAQ : Basic and frequently asked questions on transgenic animals are answered by the Biotechnology Industry Organization. The definition, uses, and even aquaculture are discussed further. The main site also has more resources on the subject.

    15. The Food Safety of Transgenic Animals : With all this genetic manipulation, how safe are these animals? That is the question sought to be answered in the reprint of an article by D.B. Berkowitz on the Ion Channel. A short article, it analyzes how genetically modified animals seem relatively as safe as traditional, but the requirements for both need to be lifted.

    16. Transgenic Animals for Food Not Proven Safe : The Institute of Science in Society takes a look at the same issue. Using the FDA’s guidelines on the commercial release of transgenic animals, they conclude that they are not safe. Use of them as pharmaceutical bioreactors, xenotransplantation, and other areas of science are also evaluated.

    17. Potential Environmental Problems with Animal Biotech : On the other end of the spectrum, the National Academy of Sciences reports that products from cloned livestock have not been proven unsafe for humans. The case of cloned cattle and others was discussed. However with a publication date of 2002, it may be outdated.

Great Sites About Transgenic Animals

The below sites offer even more on the topic of transgenic animals.

    18. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service : This agency is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Their role in biotechnology is to regulate certain genetically engineered organisms that may pose a risk to plant or animal health. It also participates in programs that use biotechnology to identify and control both animal and plant pests. Visit the site to learn more about regulatory services, importing and exporting transgenic animals, obtaining licenses for veterinary biologics, and much more.

    19. ArkDB : The database at the Ark seeks to perform a similar task of the biblical Noah’s ark: to provide genome mapping data for many species of animals. Specifically farmed and other animal species generally used by humans. Visit to get the data for entries such as cats, chickens, horses, pigs, sheep, and more.

    20. Biomedcode : See how transgenic animals can be used to diagnose and treat diseases in humans here. The drug company does evaluations of complex transgenic animals models of human inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and more. Get models, services, and publications with just a click.

    21. Transgenic Animal Model Core : This virtual animal laboratory is provided by the University of Michigan. Get answers to commonly asked questions on the subject by experts. You can also view more on subjects such as transgenic rats, publications, and genotyping mice.

    22. Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture : The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is focused on ending hunger across the world. In this section of the site, they gather the latest news in biotechnology and transgenic animals. They also post their official statement on the subject, documents related to it, a glossary, and more.

    23. BUAV : This British organization works to end all experimentation on animals. The latest news is often listed right on the homepage. You can also check out their current investigations, campaigns, and policy. There is also a section on humane science.

    24. Genetic Rights Foundation : The GRF seeks to define new forms of scientific and technological development. Genetic rights often take center stage and activities involve providing information, research, and publishing. Check out their latest research objectives to learn more.

    25. The Food Safety of Transgenic Animals : If you still haven’t read enough about transgenic animals, click here. The experts at have gathered loads of articles and blog entries on the subject. Just some of the entries to choose from include “Genetics in the Pasture,” “Altering the Genome,” and “Genetic Variation in Natural Populations.”

Although no transgenic animals are currently legal for human consumption, the topic is still at the forefront. As you can read in the above 25 great articles and blogs about transgenic animals, they can be used for far more than food and in areas such as medicine, energy, and other important areas so it is important to read as much as possible before offering an opinion.