Learning about horses and equestrianism is a fun hobby whether you can afford to participate in the sport or not. When it comes to equestrianism, there’s a lot to take in. From different riding from thoroughbred horse racing to the Ride and Tie. Riding varies from North America to Europe to the Middle East, making the world of equestrian sports an interesting topic. Horse Blogs Horses are an amazing animal that take time and effort to create a strong relationship with. One must be patient when training a horse and these blogs serve as a great read for anyone who rides.
    1. Learning Horses : This blog isn’t written by an expert, but from reading it we’d have to disagree. Learn about books on the subject and how to create a trusting relationship with a horse. 2. About Horses – Katherine’s Horse Blog : The writer of this About site offers helpful tips for those studying horses such as job paths, horse art and information for those thinking about buying a horse.. 3. Learn All About Horses : For those looking for information on horses, this site provides all of the basics concerning anatomy and touches on equine therapy. 4. Today’s Horse : The world of riding has changed. This site makes horse training and equestrian tips accessible for all. 5. All Horse Stuff : Read about this blogger’s journey with her horse and learn all kinds of neat tips for riding recreatiionally. 6. Horse Personality : For those who own horses or spend regular time with the same horse, you know they all have a personality. Take this fun quiz and see if your horses fit into a mold. 7. Teachings of a Horse : Through her busy career, this blogger has stayed in touch with one thing – horses. Read her blog that talks about her two horses and caring for them. 8. Horse Tip Daily : This horse radio show offers an invaluable number of tips and tricks for riders and horse owners. The podcasts are relatively short, but very useful. 9. Equine Inspiration : Communication is key when it comes to training a horse. Learn how to create a bond and become aware of a horse’s body language for successful training. 10. Stable Scoop Radio : There’s almost 100 episodes of this radio show, where the host chats with vets and discusses horse training and dressage. 11. Carolyn Resnick’s Horse Blog : For those just starting out with horse training or for those who need a refresher, this blog is a plethora of information for training horses and create a connection with your horse that will last. 12. Crazy Horse Woman : For the horse afficionado who loves to learn about ponies and their development, this blog will keep you busy for hours. 13. Spotty Horse : This blog will reel you in because it’s clearly written by a true horse lover and natural rider who isn’t afraid to ask readers for help when she needs it. 14. Retired Racehorse : This site is all about the thoroughbreds who don’t make the cut and how to re-train the horse so you become riding partners for life. 15. Nuzzling Muzzles : This blog is a great for beginners or those looking to learn about training horses from an amateur’s perspective. There’s plenty of information to learn, but the blogger makes it easy to understand. 16. Glenshee Equestrian Centre : This is the place to be for all things horses online. Aimed at everyone who wants to learn about horses, this site is informative for trainers and beginners. 17. Grey Horse Matters : A fabulous blog for “the aging rider,” this blog proves that the love of horses never gets old. 18. Savvy Equestrian : Why isn’t this in the equestrian category? Because you don’t have to compete to benefit from this amazing blog with tips on learning the rhythm of your horse and an endless supply of product reviews. 19. A Tale of Two Horses : This mother finds a way to love her children, horses and blog about it! Even though having a soldier husband means the family moves frequently, there’s plenty of time for horse chatter. 20. Save the Horse : See all of the work that this organization is doing to answer the call of duty when a horse is in need. 21. Mousehole Farm Equine : Having a calm energy when riding or caring for a horse is a must. Learn about tai chi techniques being used to relax a horse and help you ride with ease. 22. Ethical Horsemanship : Learn the ins-and-outs of riding and taking care of your horse so you develop a concrete bond. 23. Green Slobber : This blogger tracks the life of her former racehorse, Gabriel. He’s a character whose antics will have you coming back for more. 24. Diary of a Young Horse : Horselovers will quickly fall in love with this blog about training a young horse who the trainer broke in during the summer of 2007. See video footage of the Echo’s progress and fall in love with horses all over again. 25. Horse Crazy American : This American transplant is now living in Germany and is so crazy for horses, she took her own of 20 years, with her. Read about her adaptation (and her horse’s) to a new place.
Equestrian Blogs Equestrian blogs are a growing trend, as they allow a trainer to track their progress with a horse and log developments they make along the way.
    26. Racehorse to Showhorse :Follow this blogger as she and her former racehorse learn the art of dressage. 27. Freelance Instructor’s Diary : This freelance riding instructor blogs via London and her blog is chock full of tips for riders, new and old. 28. The Chronicle of the Horse : This online magazine talks horses and has all of the info you need to keep up with in the world of riding. 29. The Jumping Radio Show : It’s all about jumping on this horse radio show where listeners can learn about problem solving tips for training. 30. Sustainable Dressage : A blog devoted to dressage training with all of the facts you need to know before you begin your journey. 31. Euro Dressage : Dressage varies and this blog covers it from a European angle, implementing the common techniques of our friends across the pond. 32. Natural Sport Horse : Get extensive articles on dressage and see the site’s unconventional method of training horses. 33. Horses for Life : This online magazine is a must-read for riders and covers industry news and highlights events. 34. Regarding Horses : 101 on all breeds of show horses, which is a crucial part of knowing what type of horse will work for you. 35. Dressage Training Online : If you’re in an area without a trainer you’re comfortable learning from, try this site that offers a paid subscription option for thorough videos on the art of dressage. 36. Horse Grooming Supply Forums : A site for all of your horse grooming needs, they’re also kind enough to offer a forum for riders to mingle and share information. 37. Equestrian Clearance : This UK blog gives news on equestrian competitions, but also has helpful posts for riders to calm nerves before showing. 38. Off You Trot Blog : This UK site has information on horse health, including quick fixes and vaccines, as well as apparel requirements when riding . 39. East Coast Horses : Get information in reigning and see dressage videos that can help you improve. 40. Dressage Today : For those just starting out with dressage or for well-seasoned veterans, this blog will help you develop your skills and offers smart tips for dealing with a stubborn horse. 41. Artistic Dressage : This site covers classical dressage. Be sure to check out the Q&A section for important issues other horse trainers are dealing with. 42. Natural Dressage : Links for clinics, horses for sale and articles on dressage can all be found at this well-organized blog. 43. A Teen’s Dressage Dream : This young rider practices dressage and proves that determination is the driving force behind any dream. It’s something rider’s shouldn’t lose with age. 44. The Aspiring Equestrian : This “aspiring equestrian” shares everything with her readers, including the surgery and recovery from a broken leg. 45. The Stable : Those show horses will appreciate and relate to this blog where the writer chronicles her shows and daily activities with horses. 46. The Equestrian Blog : Learn about a variety of horses and what distinguishes them from each other, and read guest posts from riders in the biz. 47. Midwest Horse : We love the two women who pen this blog because they understand that horse training isn’t a straight shooting subject. It’s something that varies from person to person and horse to horse, so check out this site for general info and encouragement when struggling with your horse. 48. Once Upon an Equine : This blogger had a departure from horses for awhile, but she’s back in the saddle and sharing her years of experience with you at this blog. 49. Horse People Are Weird : This blogger speaks with a personable tone that will make her feel like a riding buddy you’ve known all the years you’ve trained. 50. Tik Maynard : This rider knows her stuff and has traveled the globe. Her blog offers tips on dressage, showdressing and creating a natural bond with your horse.
Whether you’re looking to bond with the horse you ride regularly or want to take your competition game to the next level, there are plenty of blogs and websites catering to the world of horses and equestrian, which makes learning about sport more accessible than ever.